What people are saying about us:

"Wow! what a service, I received the DVD's yesterday by recorded delivery. They play on my cinema system and are excellent quality. I will be sending more for you to transfer so that I can enjoy watching them again. Many many thanks,"  -  HM from Pulborough

"Thanks so much for all your help. I will gladly pass on your name and will recommend you as much as possible,"   -   JB from Nottingham

"DVDs arrived. They are amazing and look really professional. I cannot wait to give them as gifts for Christmas. I have watched old footage I have not seen for years, I cried. Thanks so much,"  -  MJ from London

"DVDs received, many thanks they are brill, have brought back so many happy memories. Thanks,"  -  DR from Harwich

"Thank you very much for the wonderful recovery from an 8mm cassette of the 50th Wedding Anniversary of my parents in Law. Sadly, my Father-in-Law passed away 3 years ago and my angel of a Mother-in-Law is now seriously ill with both Altzeimers and Parkinsons Desease.
The family were so overcome with the results of your expertise that they all requested copies. From all of us I pass on our thanks for the wonderful memories returned if with a little sadness to us." - JH Co Durham

"I have been very pleased with your service and will recommend you to family and friends. Thanks again!" - LK Derby



Why should people choose us?

Maybe it's because we DO NOT use DVD recorders. (For why, see below)

Maybe it's our attention to detail. We make beautiful personalised packaging that does not look out of place aside your movie DVDs.

Maybe it's our flexibility and excellent customer service.

Maybe it's our money back guarantee. If you are not happy, return any discs and casing and we will refund any monies paid less postage charges.

Maybe it's our clear pricing policy that has no hidden extras for cases and personalisation.


If you are thinking of going elsewhere, ask them:

Do you use DVD Recorders?

Do you charge extra for personalisation of Cover or Disc?

Do you have a money back guarantee if not satisfied?

Do you send the DVDs and tapes back separately for safety?

Do they show examples of the discs AND cases they produce?


Why we do not use DVD Recorders (Or - The secret to quality)

OK, this might get technical!

DVD recorders are great for their intended purpose - recording off TV and sometimes for transferring your home movies. The reason we don't use them links to the quality of the DVD we are going to make. When major film distribution companies make DVDs, they make thousands at a time on dual layer DVDs that can hold more information. For bespoke and one-off home use, we use the humble Recordable DVD (or DVD-R). The amazing thing is they can hold six or more hours of footage. So why not use them like that?

The answer comes down to quality. A recordable DVD holds approximately 60-70 minutes of film at 100% quality.

There is an argument that if you squeeze 100 to 120 minutes onto a disc, when the original film was only VHS anyway, then the quality will still be adequate. This is true but just like TV has gone HD, they have done so because they want to reduce the amount of pixilation that occurs when the image is compressed to fit into a smaller signal bandwidth. Some pixilation occurs when you go towards the 1 and a half to two hours on a single DVD. We also tend to watch on large LCD and plasma screens that show warts and all - VHS was never designed for this use.

If a company or individual uses a DVD recorder, they have to decide what setting to use. If they set it at one hour onto a disc - you will get excellent quality. If you only have a 30 minute film, they may do a good job. They are more likely to have it set at the 2 or 4 hour setting and so quality is lost. The on screen DVD menu will also be dependent on the company that made the DVD recorder. Unless of course they transfer the films to a computer for processing, but unless they have converted your film in one hour long chunks (time consuming and cumbersome), the quality is already lost.

By using computer conversion, we are able to convert all the video at full digital video quality. We only risk losing quality on transfer to DVD, where we follow your instructions. We can happily spread films over double disc sets or more if quality is paramount to you.

As a guide, this is the approximate quality level produced based on time fitted on a disc:

67 minutes  -  100%

80 minutes  -  82%

90 minutes  -  73%

100 minutes - 65%

120 minutes - 54%

180 minutes - 35%

240 minutes - 25%

In fairness, that's not as bad as it sounds. A film can be squeezed a little without much noticeable quality being lost. In the same way VHS recorders used to have an LP (long play) option which doubled the recording time with a minimal drop in quality equivalent to 50 % quality). In reality the resultant quality depends on the content of the film. If the picture doesn't change much, you won't notice much.  If it does change, like in a waterfall or a colourful parade with waving flags, you'll notice increased pixilation as more film is squeezed into a smaller space.

Our aim is quality, hence the one and a half hour suggested limit. If a film we are given to transfer starts showing a quality level of less than about 70%, we get back to the customer and give them the option of splitting. Yes, this will cost them more, but it's their choice. For some people, if it's just an old film of something work related, quality might not be important. For others, it will feel crucial to have treasured memories of a wedding transferred at the highest quality possible.   

Blu-ray discs on the other hand, can hold up to 4 hours of standard definition film, but that's another story...