Nottingham Video to DVD Service        

If you live in the Nottingham area, we can normally arrange secure collection in person of your tapes, taking out any potential worry of them getting lost in the post.

For customers nearby in the Bingham, Keyworth, Radcliffe and surrounding areas, this can be done free of charge. (NG12 & NG13)

For customers further afield NG1-14, we can often still collect but charge our standard £9.50 postage fee. For furthest away we keep a list of those awaiting collection then collect as many as possible on one trip - therefore if needed quickly, please use Royal Mail.


How To Proceed:

1. Decide on the service you require and complete the relevant order form.

2. Email or ring us to arrange collection -  We can normally arrange any time between 8am & 8pm, but if you can give us a choice we will coordinate collections in the same area at the same time.

0115 714 8715

We will then collect your tapes at the pre-arranged time, and return your discs normally within one week. If we have no collections schedules in your area, we may post your DVD(s) via Royal Mail. This is secure as we will still have secure hold of your tapes until we know your DVD(s) has arrived safely.

Want to bring your tapes to us?

We are a home based business so please contact us beforehand to arrange a suitable time.