Frequently Asked Questions


Why don't you put more than 70 minutes on one disc?

Some providers will offer up to four hours onto a disc but we believe quality suffers when you fit more than two hours on a disc - the picture can become pixelated in the way digital television can during busy scenes. Where possible we will try to limit content to as close to one hour as possible. Since VHS quality is relatively low to begin with compared to modern HD, we like to preserve as much quality as possible. If you have a particular requirement for longer than two hours on a single disc, we can do this at your request.


I don't know how long my tapes are. What shall I do?

You can send us your order and form based on shorter length pricing and we will email you if a longer length would lead to a higher price before proceeding. Alternatively, many people send us a batch of tapes, we scan them and then email them with detailed lengths and cost options. Screenshots from videos can be supplied if you have forgotten what was on them. 


Can I mix more than one tape onto a single disc?

Yes. Just make it clear with your tapes how you want them combining. Remember, for a single disc the suggested limit is 70 minutes. For a 2-disc set the limit is 140 minutes. We can do 3 or more disc sets, see our 'Home Video Collection' page.


How do your prices compare?

We offer the best quality at a great price! But you would expect us to say that. This business was started after using other services and not being happy with the product. Our standard price gives the same benefits that others charge more for. A lot of providers also either do not provide or charge extra for DVD cases, images on cover and disc, printed discs, user-friendly menus etc. We provide all that as standard.


How do I pay?

We will email you an invoice for payment when your discs are ready to despatch. We use PayPal services but you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay us. You will use Paypal's checkout system - therefore we never hold your card details. We have chosen Paypal based on their established reputation and flexibility in allowing choices of payment - Debit card, Credit card or Paypal account. Alternatively we can accept cheque or direct bank transfer on request.


How do you send the discs and tapes back?

When your order is ready, we will return your discs and tapes together in one package by Royal Mail Special Delivery. This is a fully tracked and insured, guaranteed overnight service. We will keep a back-up digital copy of your discs just in case! If over 2Kg, we may use Parcel Force. 


How can I customise my discs with the Celebration service?

Any way you want! We will try our best to meet your requirements. Options include:

  • DVD case cover - Photos, messages, text, backgrounds - send us your suggestions, text or photos by email or post. If you want us to send proofs before printing this is possible.

  • Disc face - will be similar to the case cover.

  • DVD content - Some editing of the film can be done. Films combined, scenes cut, titles added. Just make your instructions clear.

  • DVD menu - normally with this service we will include 'chapter markers' at obvious scene changes, normally every 5-15 minutes. If you have specific requests these can be accommodated.

  • Different messages can be put on different covers. E.g. If you want a few copies of a wedding video, one could say 'To Gran with Love...' and others individualised accordingly

  • If you have a detailed editing request - like a montage to a song - please email us and we will arrange to ring you to discuss your requirements and confirm if this will cost extra.

Whatever you want, please make your instructions clear with your order. If we are unclear about any aspect, we will contact you.


A fuller editing service is available via our editing website:



I have a great old film on VHS that they haven't released on DVD. Can you convert it?
We can only convert somebody else's copyrighted material if you have written permission of the copyright holder - we would need to see this confirmation. It is possible to acquire this from some publishers if they do not expect to release the film on DVD. Many published VHS tapes include copy-protection that is illegal to 'work around' without permission and we will always refuse this work. We will charge our postage fee for return of tapes that we cannot copy for reasons of copyright - so don't send us Titanic on VHS - we can't copy it for you.



Will I be able to edit the film myself?
This will depend on your PC and software. A DVD would normally have to be converted to a file type such as MPEG first. If you are using our transfer service and would prefer your video as files on a data DVD rather than one that plays in a standard DVD player please let us know on your order form. We can transfer the movie into a range of formats including AVI, DIVX, MPEG-4,  Real media, Flash and WMV. The different formats offer different advantages. AVI is the highest quality but creates huge files which are not practical for data DVDs. MPEG-2 is our preferred choice as it is the DVD standard and is accepted by most video editing programs. Your choice will depend on the sort of project you are working on. We offer a discount on our normal prices if you do not require full personalised covers and discs.
What formats of video tape do you convert? 

We currently convert VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, MicroMV, Video8, Hi8 and Digital8. (We no longer convert Betamax)

We can convert all PAL (general in the UK).

We can convert NTSC (USA) for VHS, VHS-C and MiniDV. However, whilst we will convert it to DVD, it remains in the NTSC format. This should play well on all computers but will only play well on UK DVD players if the DVD player accepts NTSC DVDs. The resultant quality will be dependant on your player. Therefore, if you want to have your footage converted from NTSC to PAL, we would recommend you look for an appropriate service. 

Can I make my own copies of the discs?

You own the copyright to the material so that is up to you. To take advantage of our additional copies service that include full DVD cover and disc printing then doing so at the time of order is cheapest. All single disc additional copies only £8.

 Can you convert audio cassette tapes to CD or MP3?

Yes we do, though we only do this on demand. Typically costs are £10 per cassette plus postage. Please email or call and we'll tell you about how it works.

I live in Nottingham, can you collect?
We offer free collection and delivery for the Bingham, Radcliffe, West Bridgford and surrounding areas. For further afield in the Nottingham area we can arrange collection in person for our standard postage fee. Please click Here
I have a different question. 

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